A photoblog of the beautiful Ballestas

Amrutha Ananth
3 min readFeb 5, 2020


The Ballestas Islands is an awe-inspiring stretch on the Peruvian coastline, a collection of rocky islets, just on the rims of the Paracas National Reserve. Revered as an ideal habitat for an eclectic wildlife mix, I would definitely pinpoint this as one of Mother Nature’s greatest places to visit!

Here’s a photoblog capturing the famed ‘Poor Man’s Galapagos’…shot completely on my favorite Nikon D60 — a decade old DSLR camera that probably now qualifies as an antique.

As we embarked on a two-hour boat journey towards the Ballestas Islands, we came across the mighty El Candelabro, a large-scale geoglyph on the Paracas Peninsula that is still being speculated about. But the sci-fi theory of an alien creating this geoglyph stood out the most to me.

The Tree of Life? A Masonic symbol? No, its a Chandelier!

While we traversed deep into the Pacific waters, we are welcomed by the cackles of various resident and migratory birds…

…As we were navigated towards the Ballestas, still preparing ourselves to take in this bountiful piece of nature, we were treated to a rare spectacle…a naturally formed rock in the shape of a bird!

And as the warm sea breeze caressed our skin, we witnessed some sea lions lounging under the sun…

…A group of Humboldt penguins that seemed to be amidst a family discussion…

We also caught a glimpse of some impeccable peck-on-the-cheek moments….

And, we were audience to some pure, innocent candid emotions like these…

Lost in the spell-binding, serene expanse of the calm ocean for over 30 minutes, it was now time for the boatman to steer us back to reality…

…and for us to wave a final goodbye to the protected inhabitants at Ballestas.



Amrutha Ananth

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