5 easy tips to practice ‘Sustainable Fashion’

  1. Wear your ‘dress’ like a ‘long tunic’
    Like anyone else, I too had a memorable bachelorette and of course, I’m never throwing away that new favorite dress! But Peru being a mountainous region, there is a lot of hiking to do and thus arises the need to wear comfortable leggings/capris. I did a quick mash-up with a simple black Capri and tadah…I now have a brand new look and all set to comfortably explore the hilly Incan alleys in style.
1. Wearing the dress as-is 2. Sporting the same dress as a long tunic
1. Look of the breezy pink dress as-is. 2. Breezy pink dress accessorized with a cropped jacket.
1. Doing some gymnastics with The Washington Monument, wearing a floral cold-shoulder top with beige pants 2. Wearing the same floral top with a high-waisted swing skirt
1. Floral knee-length dress with a shrug 2. Floral knee-length dress tucked into a skirt!



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Amrutha Ananth

Amrutha Ananth


MBA ’21, Babson College | Marketing Communications Professional